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About Us

About Us

A heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplace radiates relaxing and steady heat and creates a warm atmosphere in your home. You get to enjoy the warmth soon after lighting the fire, and the sweet heat lasts well into the next day. Enjoyment of the warmth is made even easier by the short heating time of NunnaUuni fireplaces: you don't need to spend all evening heating the fireplace, which leaves you more time to enjoy the heat itself.

A short heating phase provides even, enjoyable heat for up to 24 hours

After a heating of two hours or so, a heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplace radiates natural heat for up to 24 hours. The radiated heat is pleasurable in the same way sunshine is.

NunnaUuni provides an effortless, safe, and enjoyable approach to heating. When you don't have to spend the entire evening heating your fireplace, you have time for other things, as well. For the next 24 hours, you and your family can concentrate on enjoying the heat provided by the fireplace.

By controlling the amount of wood to be burnt and the heating intervals, you can further affect the evenness of the fireplace's heat release and can adjust the heat to your own liking. An appropriate, fireplace-specific amount of wood has been determined for all NunnaUuni fireplaces.

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